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Have You Been Robbed? (Part 2)

Once again we are reminded that we have a common enemy that is out to rob us of everything God intended and has planned for us, (John 10:10). Satan’s first hatred is against God Himself, originally trying to dethrone Him, according to Isaiah 14:12-15; failing in this, his next attack comes against God’s prime creation, man, which was closest to God’s heart, made in His likeness, and given His authority to rule on the earth for Him (Genesis 1:26-27). Satan’s attacks have been relentless through the years and one prime area of his attack is to rob us of peace. He knows well that tension, worry, anxiety, turmoil, agitation, distress, unrest, quarreling, etc., all opposites of peace, are leading factors in many sicknesses and diseases, often leading to death; and that says nothing of the spiritual defeats and the missed opportunities to render kingdom service! God’s plan is for His people to live in peace, peace so great that the Apostle Paul describes it as “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” in Philippians 4:7. Jesus demonstrated this kind of peace when He was in a fierce storm with the disciples, who feared for their lives, but He calmly spoke, “Peace, be still.” to the storm, and then asked the disciples, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” Mark 4:39-40. It is this peace, His peace, which He has bequeathed to His people (John 14:27), and Satan’s aim is to rob us of this bequeathment. Today’s prophetic exhortation addresses this very issue.

Have You Been Robbed Of Peace?

-By Rose Hill

Are you robbed of your peace? In Me you can have perfect peace. I have overcome the world and its power to harm you. (John 16:33)

I will leave My own peace with you. Stop allowing yourself to be agitated, disturbed, and fearful. As I spoke to the winds of the sea, I speak to you, “peace be still”. So come into My presence and take this blessing from My right hand. (John 14:27)

I will keep you in constant and perfect peace as long as you trust in, and lean on, Me. For I am an everlasting rock and I will never let you down nor will I let you sink into despair. (Isaiah 26:3)\

Let your soul yearn for Me in the night. Seek Me earnestly and you will receive My peace, favor, and blessings, both temporal and spiritual. (Isaiah 26:9)

Scripture quotations are form the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Inc. used by permission.


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