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Be Thankful And Bless His Name

Praise, the Bible says, is beautiful coming from the upright; yes, it is suitable and proper for the righteous to rejoice and offer praise. In fact Isaiah 61:3 says the anointing upon Jesus gives us “the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” When we think of praise probably the first thing we think of is verbal expression, and it is true that this is a part of praise, but praise is defined with many synonyms. Synonyms that include such things as admiration, adoration, devotion, honor, worship, glorify, pay tribute to, go into raptures over, etc., so that true praise comes from every part of our inner being, and is expressed outwardly! Psalm 33 shows playing instruments and singing to be a part of praise; it also speaks of His goodness and greatness in creation, as does Psalm 95:4-5; He is constantly watching over us, fashioning our individual hearts into one unit for His purpose, even though we differ one from another; He is our helper, our protection, so we fix our hope and our gaze on His awesomeness as we give Him praise and worship, rejoicing in Him!


Thanksgiving And Praise

-By Rose Hill

(Inspired by Psalm 33:5-9 & 95:5)

God made the worlds by saying the word,

He uttered His voice the whole earth heard.

The Lord spoke and it was done,

So His commands we must not shun.

His eyes are upon us all,

Who worship Him with awe.

His hands has formed all the dry land,

And the sea was made at His command.

O come and let us to our God sing,

And thanksgiving and praise to Him bring.

In His presence let us worship and bow,

We must listen and hear His voice right now.

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