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Blessings Of God’s Word

Psalm 119, the longest chapter in the Bible, is a meditation on God’s word using more than half a dozen expressions to describe it; how many of these can you find in its verses? This Psalm is the inspiration behind Rose’s poetry for today, which focuses largely on the impact the word of God should have upon us daily.

My Blessings – A Prayer of Thankfulness 

-By Rose Hill

I am blessed when hearing Your word,

And obeying every command that I heard.

Then by searching to learn more of Your ways,

And rejecting evil all of my days,

I am blessed when learning all of Your rules,

To ignore them is only for those who are fools.

I will give Your rules my full respect,

For they have power my life to protect.

I am blessed to meditate day and night,

 Upon Your laws so that I can do what is right.

They give to me more joy than gold;

I delight in them more than riches untold.

I am blessed for Your word doth revive,

And stir me up and make me alive.

I am overflowing with blessing from You,

And desiring always to be faithful and true.

I am blessed when I can fully see;

All of Your promises are for me.

Your words are health to body and soul,

And peace of mind, and self control.

I am blessed in knowing that You are near,

Your words tell me never to fear.

To Me they are much sweeter than honey,

And do more for me than a lot of money.

I am blessed in knowing I am forgiven,

And that You’re preparing me for a home in heaven.

You have taken away all my sin,

Your words bring peace and joy within.

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