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“The Lord’s prayer”

Often the words in Matthew 6:9-13 are referred to as “the Lord’s prayer”. However these words are not really a prayer, but are a model teaching us how to structure a prayer. John 17, the basis of today’s meditation, is the real Lord’s Prayer where Jesus prayed for His followers, including you and me, verse 20. Knowing that He was about to leave this world and be restored to His full glory with the Father, while His disciples would remain in a hostel world. He prays for us to be kept by the Father’s protection and perseveration, verse 11; He prays that we would be sanctified (set apart) from the world by the Father’s word of truth, verse 17, being sent into the darkness of the world just as He was as His witnesses, see John 12:46; He prays that we will be overflowing with His joy,” the joy of the Lord” verse 13, Hebrews 1:9; cf. Nehemiah 8:10; He prays for our unity as a family, verse 22; and He prays for our eternal destiny to be with Him where we will behold His glory, verse 24. It is inconceivable that a prayer of Jesus would not be answered, so if we do not appear to be recipients of the benefits of this prayer we need to examine ourselves to see where we are falling short!
Jesus prayed
By Rose Hill
Jesus prayed a prayer for you,
So that you will remain faithful and true;
And receive eternal life from the Father above,
When you know and perceive of His great love.
He prayed for you to have great delight,
And His joy within when things aren’t going right.
The world makes sport of you for fun,
But He has asked for your protection from the evil one.
So that someday with Him you will be,
To live in joy throughout eternity.

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