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In Ephesians 6 beginning with verse 10 the Apostle guided by the Holy Spirit lays out stipulations for the battle we as God’s children are engaged in. He uses the metaphor of a first century Roman soldier in full battle array pointing to the spiritual counterpart for each piece of armor that we must have in place as we face demonic forces. While some may suggest that emphasizing spiritual warfare diminishes Christ’s work on the cross, the truth is that it is because of that work we are empowered to overcome. Colossians 2:15; Revelation 12:11 and Romans 8:37 point out that we win decisive victories over all adversity through Him.

Be Strong

By Rose Hill

Be strong in the Lord by His power free from sin,

His boundless might provides strength for you to win.

You can stand strong and by the devil not be harmed,

If you draw your strength from God and by Him be armed.

For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood here,

But with spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly sphere.

Therefore you must put God’s complete armor on,

For you must stand your ground when to battle you have gone.

Put truth around your loins and tighten your belt,

Where sincerely right standing with God will be felt.

And put the gospel of peace upon your feet,

Be ready to face the enemy on the street.

Then lift up your saving faith as a shield,

And to the enemies suggestions you’ll not yield.

Put the helmet of salvation on your head,

Then remember what God’s word has said.

Pray at all times and in every season,

To intercede for others is the reason.

Obey God’s commands and you’ll have His favor,

God’s blessings are for those who love Jesus our Savior.

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