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Look Unto Jesus

Today’s meditation comes with a prophetic word that was given to Rose concerning looking unto, and focusing on, the Lord and His promises. It begins in Genesis 13:14-15 where after Abram and Lot had separated (sometimes there must be a separation from someone or something before we can experience the fullness of what God for us) then God told Abram to “lift up your eyes …” and everything as far as his eyes could see would be given to him! It was time to focus on what God had provided for him and not on the circumstances! As the Psalmist learned those that truly look to Him will not be ashamed (or disappointed), Psalm 34:5. Isaiah was committed to wait (or adhere to) the Lord and maintain hope even when it appeared that He was hiding His face. And in Isaiah 38:14 Hezekiah felt like his eyes would fail (they were feeble or slacken) from looking upward, yet we know the end of the story that 15 years were added to his life, see 2 Kings 20:6-7! And the prophet Micah in 7:7 declares his determination to wait, here the Hebrew word for wait means just that, to wait, implying to be patient and hopeful, knowing that “My God will hear me.” What a lesson each of these instances convey to us today!

Look up

By Rose Hill

As I told Abram to lift up, his eyes and look northward and southward and eastward and westward and what he saw I would give to him! I’m asking you to look and whatever you really see in the Spirit I will give to you. Look unto Me and your faces will be radiant with the glow of My Spirit and you will never blush or be confused. Continue to look and hope in Me and you will find all your needs met. Don’t let your eyes be weary and dim with looking upward. If you don’t give up but continue looking to Me your answers will come. So many of My people give up just before the answer gets to them. You must believe that when you prayed I sent the answer on its way; so you must keep looking for it until it comes. Just as when you order something on line you keep looking for it until it arrives. So look to Me and be confident in Me and wait with hope and expectation until you get whatever you asked for, because you know your God did hear you.

Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. used by permission.

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