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Broken bottles (Parables of Jesus pa...

Broken bottles  (Parables of Jesus part twenty five)

Today we continue looking at Jesus response to a question regarding religious observances found in Matthew 9:16-17, where in verse 17 He brings us to the same conclusion as verse 16, but using a different metaphor; here He draws from the ancient process of winemaking. The bottles were made of leather or skin and Jesus […]

Patched up religion (Parables of Jes...

Patched up religion  (Parables of Jesus part twenty four)

In response to a question regarding religious observances in Matthew 9:16-17 Jesus speaks two parallel parables portraying the old covenant with the new, the old life with the new. The old forms of religion, which in this case was ritual fasting suggesting to us somberness and mourning over the brokenness caused by sin, but now […]

Faithful humble service (Parables of...

Faithful humble service  (Parables of Jesus part twenty three)

Using the setting of a man with a servant Jesus gives us a lesson on faithful, humble service in Luke 17 7-10. The servant goes to the field to till the soil or tend the cattle, when he returns to his master’s house does his master say, “Come at once and sit down to eat?” […]