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Fishing for men (Parables of Jesus p...

Fishing for men  (Parables of Jesus part eighteen)

Jesus parable of a dragnet being cast into the sea by fishermen in Matthew 13:47-50 alludes to the church, His followers, now “fishers of men” Mark 1:17, casting the gospel net into the sea of humanity, which is the mandate He bequeathed upon us in Mark 16:15. Like in the parable of the tares, and […]

“Growing seed” (Parables of Jesus pa...

“Growing seed”  (Parables of Jesus part six)

God has so arranged it that the natural and spiritual work parallel to each other. With the people of Israel being very familiar with the process of agriculture and livestock, Jesus often used parables from these to teach the spiritual truths of the kingdom of God. In Mark 4:26-29 He speaks of one scattering or […]

A friend in the night (Parables of J...

A friend in the night  (Parables of Jesus part three)

In Luke 11:5-8 Jesus uses the story of someone who had an apparently unexpected guest to arrive in the night; not having food in the house to set before the hungry traveler, he went to a friend’s house to ask for three loaves (some food), but this friend was not overanxious about being disturbed at […]

Getting to know God (Part six)

Getting to know God (Part six)

“The Lord is my rock” Psalm 18:2. In this verse we meet our God, the great “I Am”, as Jehovah Sela, our Rock. A rock is firm, strong, and stable, providing a solid footing upon which to build, as Jesus referred to in Matthew 7:24-25; God is the Rock of our salvation and the only […]



I believe that the Old Testament law lays out to us the standards by which to live that God created in us, but one act of disobedience broke the relationship with God allowing sin to dominate the earth and the entire human race, robbing us from our ability to live up to those standards! In […]