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Seeking God

A Prophetic Exhortation

-By Rose Hill

“To My seeking child”, saith your heavenly Father: “I delight in one who seeks to know and understand more about Me. For truly I say unto you, seek and you shall find. I am always anxious to give My children the desires of their heart, especially when they desire spiritual growth. Do not become discouraged if you do not receive all you want in a day. When you plant a seed one day you do not harvest the crop the next day, but it takes many days for the plants to grow and develop. But I say unto you, you are growing and you are pleasing in My sight. One day at a time and one-step at a time and you will become what I want you to be. Don’t forget to inquire of Me everyday what you shall or shall not do. I will give you overcoming power to resist temptation when you look to Me and ask for help. You cannot learn this process in a day either, but I will be with you and teach you as you look to Me,” saith God.

The preceding prophetic exhortation is based on 2 Chronicles 15:2; Job 5:8;                  Psalm 34:4; Proverbs 10:24 Amplified Bible, and Psalm 37:23 Amplified Bible.

A Prophet in the New Testament (as seen in Ephesians 4:11) as translated from the Greek text is defined as a fore-teller, or by analogy an inspired speaker. So that New Testament prophecy can be either foretelling future events, or inspired exhortation. The prophecies given by Rose Hill are generally of the latter type, based on Scripture.

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