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The Secret Place

Just reading causally, you may not recognize the significance and impact that psalm 91 should have upon us. In the first two verses, God is revealed not only by His Jewish National name, LORD (Yehhovaw or Yahwah, meaning Jehovah the self existent one), but also by three other titles; MOST HIGH (Elyone or Elyon showing Him as Lofty, Elevated, and Supreme), ALMIGHTY (Shaddahee or Shaddai which is just that, Almighty), and GOD (Eloheem or Elohim which is plural distinguishing Him as the supreme God, not just an ordinary “god”). The Psalm then goes on to show His activity on behalf of those who dwell in His “secret place”, and as you continue reading, it should be exciting and exhilarating to see the power of this glorious God triumphing over what ancient Jewish commentators viewed as demonic attacks  (facts which I did not know until preparing for this meditation). Then, as we come toward the conclusion of the Psalm, we are given insight as to how to enter His secret place; “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him …” (verse 14), which is to say, “I will cause him to slip out of, escape from, and be delivered from these attacks”. He did not say we would be immune from them, but rather, that He will be with, and deliver those, who call upon Him, (verse 15). Deliver in this verse comes from a different word than in verse 14; here, not only will He pull and strip these things away or cause them to depart from us, but it implies “to deliver, equip(for the fight), present, strengthen” (Strong’s dictionary). Even Jesus was not exempt from attack, either by Satan, (Luke 4:2), or at the hands of men, (Luke 4:29-30), but His enemies could not harm Him and His mission was complete. Finally, God leaves us with a promise of long life and salvation in verse 16 (also read Proverbs 3:23-26 in connection with Psalm 91).

Trusting In God’s Protection

-By Rose Hill

I will dwell in the shadow of the Most High,

And He will protect me until the day I die.

In the shadow of His wings I rest secure,

For His great shelter will surely endure.

His faithfulness is a shade and a wall,

It stands against the enemy and never will fall.

I will trust in Him and be confident,

That His angels surely also have been sent.

To hold me up that I shall not fall,

Or cut my foot on a rock at all.

When I lie down I will not be afraid,

For sweet sleep and rest for me He has made.

When sudden terror will come my way,

Right by my side the Lord will stay.

For my confidence in the Lord is strong,

And the terror from me will surely be gone.

Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. used by permission.


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