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Our Intercessor

In our last meditation we noted that Jesus does not forsake us in our moment of weakness even if we stumble; rather He intercedes for us before the Father as in Romans 8:34. Today we turn our attention to John 17 where we find Jesus praying for His followers, including us as verse 20 makes clear; here it is not because we have stumbled, but because we are His. He prays for our preservation, “Holy Father, keep through Your name…” John 17:11 cf. verse 21. He prays for our unity, family unity in love is one of the greatest testimonies that we can display before the world, “By this all will know that you are My disciples…” 13:35. His prayer includes our sanctification, being set apart from sin and the world and unto God and His service, our being filled with His joy, and ultimately that we would be with Him eternally. Does the Father hear His prayers? You better believe He does, “…I know that You always hear Me…” 13:41-42. And we can be assured that if Jesus prayed like this while on earth He is still interceding for us in the presence of God today, see again Romans 8:34.

Jesus Prays For You And Me

By Rose Hill

Jesus said He is praying for me,

That His glory I may see.

And through His name the father will keep,

Me in His fold as one of His sheep.

He asked the Father to give me joy,

Even in this world that tries to annoy.

He asked that I be set apart,

And that His truth will fill my heart.

He asked that we will be as one,

With the father and the Son.

He wants us His glory to behold,

And walk with Him on streets of gold.

That glory O Lord help us to receive,

That the world will repent and believe.

Scripture quotations are form the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. used by permission.

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