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The story of two houses (Parables of...

The story of two houses  (Parables of Jesus part nineteen)

In Matthew 7:24-27 and the parallel account of Luke 6:48-49 Jesus likens us to one of two houses, one built on a solid rock foundation, the other hastily, perhaps thoughtlessly, built on shifting sand. The first withstood the storm and the flood, while the second differing only in its foundation was destroyed by the same […]

Getting to know God (Part six)

Getting to know God (Part six)

“The Lord is my rock” Psalm 18:2. In this verse we meet our God, the great “I Am”, as Jehovah Sela, our Rock. A rock is firm, strong, and stable, providing a solid footing upon which to build, as Jesus referred to in Matthew 7:24-25; God is the Rock of our salvation and the only […]