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Wonderful Name

When we think of the wonderfulness of Jesus the first Scripture that likely comes to mind is Isaiah 9:6 where we are given some descriptive insight into His coming and mission. One of the unique things about this verse is the four or five descriptive names given to Him. Names in the Bible often had significant importance; sometimes they may have reflected some aspect of the Childs birth or the parent’s reaction to it, it may have been because of some quality they saw in the child or hoped he would develop. When God gave a name it had great prophetic significance as in Hosea 1:3-9, and at times God changed someone’s name to match His call and work in and through them as in Genesis 32:28. Here in Isaiah 9 one of the names God gives to His Son Jesus is Wonderful: some connect wonderful with counselor, making it wonderful counselor, and it is very possible that this is the right sense, and some think it is even likely. But today we want to set our focus in line with the KJV and look at wonderful. Several Hebrew words are translated wonderful, but the one used here simply means a miracle; not that men would address Him by that title, but the quality and demeanor of His life leave no room to see Him as anything short of miraculously Wonderful. Think of His Virgin Birth, His two natures, those of God and Man in one, His disposition, His conduct and sinless life, His love for people, His eternal work for us procured by His death and sealed by His resurrection, His ascension to the Father where He intercedes for us, to mention only a few. And in Him alone do we find salvation” for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved”, Acts 4:12.

Our Wonderful Lord

Selected by Rose Hill, poem by Robert K. Phillips

Lord, You are more wonderful Than any words can say,

The very thought of You my Lord brings joy without delay.

The fondest moments of the day are those with You I spend,

Lord You are more wonderful than my mind can comprehend.

And, Lord how wonderful it is to know Your wonderfulness,

For tis only when we come to thee we find eternal peace and rest.

Tis a peace the world can’t offer or ever take away,

Yes, Lord! You are more wonderful than any words can say

Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. used by permission,

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