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What Do YOU Desire?


The inspiration for today’s thoughts comes from Isaiah 26:7-9, “…the desire of our soul is for Your name…With my soul I have desired You in the night, Yes, by my spirit within me I will seek You early…” God has created each of us with three distinct parts, spirit, soul, and body. It is the spirit that reaches out to God as Isaiah alludes to in verse 9; on the other hand it is the body, the flesh, the fallen nature that cries out for carnal gratification as Paul alludes to in Romans 7:18. Our soul (comprising our mind, our will, our emotions, etc.) stands between and is caught in the cross fire. Which way will we go, will we follow the spirit and reach out to God leading to life, John 5:40; or will we pursue the gratification of the flesh leading to death, Romans 8:13? The soul being neutral will absorb and pursue the ways of either. You cannot pursue both the ways of the spirit and those of the flesh at the same time. This is a principle that Jesus emphatically spoke in Matthew 6:24 (used here in the setting of money, but the principle is applicable across the board) you cannot serve two masters! The body of flesh must be brought under subjection, 1 Corinthians 9:27, by the pursuit of spirit and soul after God, Psalm 84:2, if we would attain to His abundant and eternal life!

Desiring The Right Things

-By Rose Hill

When you awoke this morning did you want to eat a bite?

And break the fast that you’ve been on throughout the big long night?

Or did you say I’ve no time for it, to eat I’ve no desire?

Maybe at the end of life I’ll eat when I retire.

When a friend said let’s go out to eat, let’s go to a fancy place,

Did you say that doesn’t interest me that would of my time waste?

If to partake of healthy food you have no great desire,

Then I would say that you are sick, please find some help this hour.

When you awoke this morning was there a hunger in your soul?

To read about the Holy One who died to make us whole?

Did you take time to think about the one who died for you?

Do you long to be with Him and to be faithful and true?

Did you desire to pray awhile and seek your Father’s will?

Did you find that in His presence there was an exciting thrill?

If not there sure is something wrong, you must be sick indeed,

You better pray and ask the Lord to heal and bless with speed.


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