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His Name Shall Be Called…

Part 2

Today we continue our five part series on the titles given to Jesus in Isaiah 9:6, looking at the second one, which is Counselor. Some see counselor being one title with wonderful (wonderful counselor), and the Arabic version does render it as such (with the Septuagint and Targum seeming to lean that direction). In addition Isaiah 28:29 says, “Who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance.”  I am not saying that to connect these two is erroneous, but my purpose is to look at each of these titles on its own merits, as we have traditionally understood it from the King James translators, which has stood the test of time. Isaiah 9:6 is the only place the Hebrew Yawats (to advise, reflectively to deliberate or resolve) is used of Messiah, Jesus; but Aytsaw (counsel, advice and by implication plan or prudence) is used of the Lord in 28:29, and in 11:2 it is used of the Spirit who imparted this counsel to Him. This is the same Holy Spirit that He sent to rest upon His followers beginning in Acts 2. The promise in John 16:7 where the word translated as Comforter (Helper NKJV) actually means an intercessor or counselor, (signifying comforter, helper, and advocate). Then in verse 13 the promise is, “He will guide you into all truth … and He will tell you things to come.” The falling of the Holy Spirit upon the “church” in Acts 2 was the very “mantle” of Jesus, which was similar to the Mantle of Elijah falling and being taken up by Elisha in 2 Kings 2:12-14, enabling him to continue in the spirit of Elijah. Since the Holy Spirit is the personal presence of Jesus manifested to us, we receive the continuation of the same counsel, advice, plans, and resolution of mind and action through Him. In Psalm 72:24 the Psalmist says “You will guide me with Your counsel …”; and in 34:8 God says, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.”


-By Rose Hill

You are my counselor and guide,

You are forever by my side.

You are watching me both day and night,

And instructing me in the way that’s right.

Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. used by permission.

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