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In John 14:23 Jesus said “…the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth…” There is so much more to worship than three songs in a Sunday morning church service accompanied by loud music! True worship that is acceptable to the Father has to do with the attitude of the heart. The word Jesus used here in the Greek means to kiss, to fawn or crouch, (literally or figuratively) to prostrate oneself, do reverence, and adore; not in hypocrisy, ceremonies, or shadows, but from a true and sincere heart. And worship can take on many aspects; worship is fulfilling what God has ordained for us to be and do; at times it may be waiting in His presence, or reading His word with open heart, it is surrendering to His will and submitting to His ways, it is following His leading, and yes it is praise from our lips, and the integrity of our walk in life, but it must always spring from a true and undivided heart. Also see Psalm 95:6.

Worship is surrender

By Rose Hill

Worship is giving God our life in surrender,

To His way and His will for He’s our defender.

We know we cannot fight our battles alone,

So we give all to Him who sits on the throne.

Worship is when to God we submit,

To fight our battles only He is fit.

We can do nothing when we stand alone,

We worship when we know He fights for His own.

Worship is when in silence we are waiting to see,

How in God’s presence we are set free.

For when we wait on Him He takes control,

And gives us peace within our soul.

Worship is praising our God in song,

And being thankful that to Him we belong.

When the melodies in our heart of love,

Are drifting upward to our Father above.

So let us at all time bless and praise,

And worship our God all of our days.

Great is His kindness and mercy to those,

Who are the ones He remembers and knows.

Scripture quotation is from the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. used by permission.

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