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God On The Move

Today from Jeremiah 32:21 Rose introduces another of the prophetic writings God has inspired her with. Keep in mind that when God makes a prophetic statement, proclamation, or promise it is usually contingent on the response of those to whom He has spoken. Yes His word and promise will ultimately be fulfilled but by an inappropriate response we can detour or postpone it, even to the point of failing to receive benefits ourself, like Israel did in refusing to enter the Promised Land in Numbers 14, resulting in their wondering in the wilderness for forty years until a new generation would rise up and inherit it! So the bottom line is this, listen to what He says and act accordingly.

The Prophecy

Given through Rose Hill

And I will do it again saith God! I will bring My people out of bondage and give unto them great victory. The evil forces that hinder My people will be taken away. Yes, I say My church shall have freedom to go forth with power and do My mighty works. As I brought the children of Israel out of bondage, so I will bring My church out of bondage with signs and wonders; With a strong hand and with great terror. Yes, it will be terror for those who do not know Me, but for My children it will be as great light going before them to show them the way out of bondage.  My presence will be great in terror to get the ungodly to see My power, but to My church, My presence, will be as light and great blessing. Therefore when My presence comes as terror do not be afraid for I am with you and will bring you victory in all things. For I am your God and will make your right standing with Me be as a bright light that shines about you and radiates out from you to lead lost ones into My presence, saith God.

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