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Rules Of The Road

In driving a motor vehicle there are “rules of the road” you must follow for the safety of yourself and others; failure to abide by these can result in penalties at the least, and disaster at the worst! The same principle is true when driving on the “Christian road”. James chapter 4 warns against the dangers of “distracted driving” through our selfish interests, pleasures, and lusts; verse 8 warns against double-mindedness, vacillating between God’s way and our own, trying to have Him and the world simultaneously! Verses 11-12 warn against assuming God’s role by judging and condemning others with whom we may not see “eye to eye”. And verses 13-16 warn against prideful and self-confident boasting! Throughout the chapter James lays out “rules” of the road, or as Rose’s poem title, “Commands that lead to victory”. Even when we have been “distracted” and fail, God extends grace upon grace to us but we must submit to benefit from it; at the same time Satan allures us but we must resist him, thus putting him to flight. It is true that God takes the initial step of drawing us to Himself, Jesus said, “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent me draws him …” John 6:44, and in John 12:32 He promised that if He is lifted up He will draw all men. Having been drawn it becomes our responsibility to submit, drawing near to Him, embracing Him as He embraces us! “Cleanse your hands … and purify your hearts …” Having entered His courts by the alter of His sacrifice where we are cleansed by His blood, this cleansing and purifying continues at the laver of His word cf. Exodus 30:18-21 with Ephesians 5:26.

Commands that lead to victory

By Rose Hill

In obedience live your life,

Free of every sin and strife.

God will your battles for you fight,

When you’re doing what’s good in His sight.

Resist the devil and from you he will flee,

Submit to God, He’ll set you free.

If before God you come in humility,

Then His great goodness you will see.

This is a mystery the world knows nothing about,

The Lord will lift you up without a doubt.

Scripture quotations are from the new King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. use by permission.

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