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The sheep that went astray (Parables...

The sheep that went astray  (Parables of Jesus part eight)

Our next stop in the parables of Jesus brings us to that of the lost sheep recorded both in Matthew 18:10-14 and Luke 15:1-7; I am using Luke’s account today. In Bible symbolism sheep often represent people, for example “The Lord is my shepherd” Psalm 23:1; “All we like sheep have gone astray” Isaiah 53:1; […]

Getting to know God (Part fourteen)

Getting to know God  (Part fourteen)

Today we come to another attribute of our great “I Am” God, EL Hanneman, in Deuteronomy 7:9, “He is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His commandments.” And that really tells the story, He is the faithful God, the one that […]

Getting to know God (Part thirteen)

Getting to know God  (Part thirteen)

In Psalm 86:8 David, recalling before God that while there may be many gods in this world, “there is none like You, O Lord” Adonay, (we say Adoni) which is Lord or my Lord, and is used as a proper name of God only. Strong’s dictionary tells us this is an emphatic form of another […]

Getting to know God (Part twelve)

Getting to know God  (Part twelve)

In Exodus 34:6 God revealed Himself to Moses as El Rachum, or “The Lord, the Lord God merciful and gracious.” Then in Deuteronomy 4:31 Moses reveals God to Israel by the same name, El Rachum, which according to Strong’s means compassionate, and is also translated merciful. It is this characteristic of God that sets Him […]

 Getting to know God (Part eleven)

 Getting to know God  (Part eleven)

In Exodus 31:13 God spoke to the people of Israel through Moses instructing them as a Father to His child, calling on them to follow His ways, and introducing Himself as Jehovah Qadash or Mikkadesh, meaning “The Lord who sanctifies you”. To sanctify is to be, make, pronounce, or observe as being set apart or […]

Getting to know God (Part ten)

Getting to know God  (Part ten)

The book of the Prophet Ezekiel concludes with a vision of a new Temple and the layout of God’s chosen land, 48:35. While all the earth is His by reason of creation as Psalm 24:1 confirms “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein…” He has chosen […]

Getting to know God (Part seven)

Getting to know God (Part seven)

Another name we find attributed to God found in Genesis 16:13 is “El Roi” or “The God who sees”. Hagar probably felt all alone here in the wilderness, but God saw her and showed up as, “The Angel the Lord” (a term believed to often indicate an Old Testament appearance of Jesus) saying “Where have […]

Getting to know God (Part five)

Getting to know God (Part five)

As we continue our journey of getting acquainted with God through some of His names and titles that are given to us in Scripture we must visit Psalm 23:1 where we meet Him as Jehovah Raah, which is my shepherd. To a people whose life and economy was deeply involved with sheep this would be […]

“Getting to know God” (Part four)

“Getting to know God” (Part four)

  Today we are introduced to Jehovah Tsidekenu in Jeremiah 23:6 where it is translated “THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.” He is the one that makes us both morally and legally right in life and before God, putting us in a position of equality with Jesus of whom this prophetic passage speaks. It is not so […]

“Getting to know God” (Part Three)

“Getting to know God” (Part Three)

In Genesis 22:14 we meet “I AM” as Jehovah Jireh, meaning The Lord provides, or my provider. In this incident Abraham, known as “the friend of God”, James 2:23, is offering his son Isaac in sacrifice which was a test of his faith and obedience; when he had proved these to God by his obedience, […]