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Come And Behold

We are invited to “come, behold the works of the Lord” in Psalm 46:8-9. As we do so we note that He does many “great things” Psalm 126:3. Today we will focus on two aspects of His works. The first thing we see in Psalm 46:8 is that He makes “desolations” (Hebrew ruin or consternation) “in the earth” Why would He do such things? It is because of His righteous judgment upon sin and ungodliness. This should strike dismay and terror into the heart of everyone that is not under the covering of the blood of Jesus, as is exemplified in Exodus 12:12-13. Whether in recorded history, or such judgments happening in our day, they should be viewed as foreshadows of the even greater judgment yet to come, of which we are given the example of Sodom and Gomorrah recorded in Genesis 19:24 and shown to a picture of the final eternal judgment, in Jude 7. But in contrast looking at the second aspect of His works we behold how wonderful they are toward us. Psalm 46: 9-11 continues by showing that He will bring peace on the earth. Remember how He uses the natural things around us to portray the spiritual within us; yes even though you feel desolated within He will break every bondage, everything that causes desolation, though it seems as strong as “gates of bronze And bars of iron”, things in which you find no satisfaction, yet they cling to you. When you cry out to Him He will satisfy you with His peace, satisfaction, and freedom, Psalm 107:15-24. He is no farther away than a sincere prayer from your heart.

Praise To Our God

By Rose Hill; taken from Psalms 46:8; 107:15-24; 143:5; 145:9.

To You our God we will draw near,

Trust in Your works and have no fear.

Men should really praise for Your works so great,

And all of Your wonders should appreciate.

Some of us were foolish and by the devil were bound,

But You have broken the fetters and turned us around.

You send forth Your word and heal when we weep,

We see Your works and Your wonders are deep.

We remember the things You did long ago,

You are good to all and Your mercies we know.

Scripture quotations are from the New King James Version copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson Co. used by permission.

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